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How Do I Place An Order ?

The best way is to call us at (610) 857-2170 and speak with us directly, or come visit us at our facility. We will go over all the necessary details with you to ensure you receive the right structure for you.

Our address is:
3898 West Lincoln Hwy., Parkesburg, PA, 19365

Deposit & Payment Options ?

After placing the purchase for a storage building, our company asks for a 50% deposit. For purchases over $20,000.00 we offer you the choice to make a lower initial down payment upon your request.

The remainder of your balance is due on delivery.

We accept credit cards, money orders, cheque and cash payments. Unfortunately, we do not take American Express.

We offer you a 2% discount if payment is made by check or cash.

All checks and money orders must be sent out to:

Waterloo Structures, 3898 West Lincoln Hwy., PA 19365

Delivery Process?

For delivery of our Portable Buildings, our storage shed mule completes the job. To see a video of the shed mule in action, please click here.

Large, heavy trucks can’t fit into tight spaces, and can easily cause damage. We designed the shed mule technology so we could serve more customers and access these tight spaces.

The shed mule is compact, lightweight, and durable, and can easily navigate your storage shed, or even a portable garage, onto your property and place it in the location of your choosing.

For Larger Garages And Prefabs, Waterloo Structures personnel will come to your prepared site to complete the assembly of your structure.

Customers are required to have a prepared and level site ready for the assembly.

Delivery Not An Option ?

We recognize that in some cases there is not sufficient space for safe delivery of a prefabricated structure. This is usually due to trees or fences.

However, you can still enjoy a quality custom made Waterloo Structure, as we are prepared to build and assemble your structure for you on site.

Please contact us to inquire on fees.

Please note, for larger buildings showcased on our website, prices shown include the fee for the onsite build.

Delivery Cost ?

Costs to have your structure delivered directly to your home and set in place vary based on your location.

Delivery costs are computed based on the number of miles we must travel after the first twenty miles.

For an accurate and complimentary quote for your location, please call us at (610) 857-2170 or email us at

Site Prep For Your Structure ?

Click Here For Site Prep

The dimensions of the pad should account for a minimum of one extra foot on all sides.

So if your structure is 10 feet by 12 feet, your recommended pad size should be 12 feet by 14 feet.

Also recommend the following organization if you need assistance preparing your site:

Bed Rock Foundation
Eli Stoltzfus
Office: (717) 587-7062

Space Needed For Delivery?

We require at least 2 feet plus the width of your building in order to deliver your structure.

If the width of your structure is 10 feet, then we require a full 12 feet for delivery.

For Upgraded models and the Quaker Style structure, you need to allow for 3 feet instead of 2.

When Can I Expect Delivery ?

Shipping times vary depending on your model of choice and on the time of year. Delivery can be as quick as 1-3 days for in-warehouse stock, and 2-3 weeks during most of the year.

During peak season, delivery time could be 4-8 weeks, so it is best to get your order in as soon as possible.

For an accurate delivery time and to answer all your questions, please call us at (610) 857-2170.

Financing ?
Sheds Rent To Own ?
shed rent to own

Buy Wood Sheds, Workshops, and Mini Barns

Handmade Wood & Vinyl Sheds at Prices to Suit Any Budget

Economy Wood Barns & Sheds

Our Economy Sheds & Barns are our least expensive models. Our skilled staff utilizes building tactics of Amish Craftsman to save space and keep your valuables protected, providing space despite the small wood shed profile and convenience to hoard your stuff. These sheds are tastefully handmade for a clutter-free lawn that provides fail-safe protection for your possessions.

Different Shed Styles

On our Basic Sheds & Barns, these Storage Sheds have the same sturdy quality of all our Amish Built Sheds but are a notch prettier in the looks department. With our Basic version, you get to choose from 7 styles in both wood and vinyl structures and get awarded with larger storage space, wider gable overhangs, and a grander design that’ll light up the attractiveness of your property.

Our outdoor wood sheds for sale are great to hide your unsightly necessities and maintain a backyard that looks A-1 at all times. Just like we give you independent choices with all of our get wood sheds for sale, these basics won’t be any different. We only deliver the very best for your needs!

Designer Sheds & Barns

Next in line is our Designer Shed Models. These Upgraded Sheds & Barns have the same tough high quality of our Basic Sheds but are prettier in the appearances department. With our Designer version, you get to select from more styles in both wood and vinyl exteriors, broader overhangs, larger windows, superior doors, as well as a grander design that'll illuminate the very appeal of your land.

Our Best Wood Sheds Sale For Sale are wonderful to conceal your unsightly necessities as well as maintain a yard that looks great at all times. Just like we provide you independent choices with all of our storage space services, these wood and vinyl sheds will not be any different. We just supply the absolute best for your requirements!

Signature Storage Sheds

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better - we introduce to you our Signature Storage Sheds right from Amish Quality styling. It’s bigger and miles better with contemporary craftsmanship that meets your needs more than you ask for. Whether you wish for something unique for your potting needs, require a one-of-a-kind roof, want more of a cottage than a shed or merely want to provide a state-of-the-art shelter over your outdoor equipment, you’ll find everything in our Signature Sheds.

View our signature models for inspiration and get something carefully handmade by our experienced staff that follows the exact vision in your mind with cost-effective and time-efficient methods. We see the bigger picture right through with you and keep everything under your budget. Anything you want - nothing is impossible!

Sheds With A Modern Touch

Most people mistake sheds for dead but that’s just in your Head! Let Waterloo Structures answer to your storage space prayers with their Modern Sheds. They aren’t only a feast for your peepers (outsiders alike) but something that is habitable, tremendously gratifying and absolutely impeccable for the backyard area.

All of our projects utilize high-grade raw materials and workers that are highly efficient to ensure all of your wishes at each processing stage are met for 100% Results. All of your queries will be ticked off before we fill you in with the final concept and put in the last touches.

Two-Story Buildings

When fairytale meets reality, our two-story buildingsalso titled as “Two-Story Sheds & Garages” come to mind. Featuring gorgeous-looking two-story sheds & garages, both available in single 2 story sheds and double-wide two story sheds. With the extra space, either create a retreating den or a bedroom because, at the end of the day, everybody enjoys time for themselves. Our two-story buildings are cut above the rest with both A-frame and styles , simply built to last a lifetime!

All of our projects utilize high-grade raw materials and workers that are highly efficient to ensure all of your wishes at each processing stage are met for 100% Results. All of your queries will be ticked off before we fill you in with the final concept and put in the last touches.

Customized Sheds & Garages

Everybody doesn’t share the same taste, landscape, and design language when it comes to sheds, barns, and garages. People like to have a say and we at Waterloo Structures offer the ideal opportunity to recreate what You Think Is Suitable For You with our large collection of Custom Backyard Sheds & Garages styles.

We are here for you to deliver our products accordingly in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Call or email us anytime 24/7 or call us from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday at 610-857-2170 as we would like to listen to your ideas, sketch down the important details and give our valuable advice and offers.

Easy Finance & Delivery

If for some reason, we cannot deliver a prefabricated storage structure to your site due to obstructions or you don’t find a pre-made storage shed installed to your area a feasible option, then we can send over our team of experts to build everything from scratch on your prepared land. This might be an enlightening experience for you and you’ll get to learn a thing or two and you feel assured with our quality-guarantee.

As for Easy Financing, if you cannot afford to make immediate payment for a wood shed kit for sale, but you need it anyway, choose our Rent to Own option! We want to make ourselves accessible to everyone and this alternative will help you do just that!

How To Get Started

The staff at Waterloo Structures has a shared enthusiasm for helping our customers discover the attributes of a well-designed storage shed. You can rely on our wealth of experience to help you design and configure a shed suited to your storage needs and style requirements.

Call us at 610-857-2170 or contact us to get started! If you live nearby, you may also visit us in Parkesburg, PA to see sheds we have on display in our lot.

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