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  • bella shed for pool

Bella Pool Shed

The Bella Pool Shed is a beautiful (Bella!) structure that sports a Roman revival style. The two pillars welcome you into a sizable, well lit, space perfect for entertaining, storage, or even crafting. Who doesn’t want their own Italian style studio? PS, the overhang allows for some handy storage space.

  • Anthony Jones

    My experience with Waterloo Structures was excellent. I bought a shed from there and t... Read More...

  • Dan G.

    Order the shed with a 3 week wait and I still wasn't ready. They held it for a we... Read More...

  • Howard G.

    Beautiful shed at a reasonable price. Prompt delivery.

  • Ed D.

    I am pleased with the overall look and design of the structure. However, not so please... Read More...

  • Amy W.

    I hired Waterloo Structures to get a new barn. They were amazing. They were a real ple... Read More...

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How Do I Place An Order ?

The best way is to call us at (610) 857-2170 and speak with us directly, or come visit us at our facility. We will go over all the necessary details with you to ensure you receive the right structure for you.

Or fill out this order form in pdf - Click Here - and email to us @

Our address is:
3898 West Lincoln Hwy., Parkesburg, PA, 19365

Deposit & Payment Options ?

After placing the purchase for a storage building, our company asks for a 50% deposit. For purchases over $20,000.00 we offer you the choice to make a lower initial down payment upon your request.

The remainder of your balance is due on day of delivery.

We accept credit cards, money orders, check and cash payments.

We offer you a 2% discount if payment is made by check or cash.

All checks and money orders must be sent out to:

Waterloo Structures, 3898 West Lincoln Hwy., PA 19365

Delivery Process?

For delivery of our Portable Buildings, our storage shed mule completes the job. To see a video of the shed mule in action, please - Click Here.

Large, heavy trucks can’t fit into tight spaces, and can easily cause damage. We designed the shed mule technology so we could serve more customers and access these tight spaces.

The shed mule is compact, lightweight, and durable, and can easily navigate your storage shed, or even a portable garage, onto your property and place it in the location of your choosing.

For Larger Garages And Prefabs, Waterloo Structures personnel will come to your prepared site to complete the assembly of your structure.

Customers are required to have a prepared and level site ready for the assembly.

Delivery Not An Option ?

We recognize that in some cases there is not sufficient space for safe delivery of a prefabricated structure. This is usually due to trees or fences.

However, you can still enjoy a quality custom made Waterloo Structure, as we are prepared to build and assemble your structure for you on site.

Please contact us to inquire on fees.

Please note, for larger buildings showcased on our website, prices shown include the fee for the onsite build.

Delivery Cost ?

Costs to have your structure delivered directly to your home and set in place vary based on your location.

Delivery costs are computed based on the number of miles where you are located, minimum cost is $4.00 a mile one way - Click Here - For Google Map

For an accurate and complimentary quote for your location, please call us at (610)-857-2170 or email us at

Site Prep For Your Structure ?

Click Here For Site Prep

The dimensions of the pad should account for a minimum of one extra foot on all sides.

So if your structure is 10 feet by 12 feet, your recommended pad size should be 12 feet by 14 feet.

Also recommend the following organization if you need assistance preparing your site:

Site preparation costs - Click Here -

Space Needed For Delivery?

We require at least 2 feet plus the width of your building in order to deliver your structure.

If the width of your structure is 10 feet, then we require a full 12 feet for delivery.

For Upgraded models and the Quaker Style structure, you need to allow for 3 feet instead of 2.

When Can I Expect Delivery ?

Shipping times vary depending on your model of choice and on the time of year. Delivery can be as quick as 1-3 days for in-warehouse stock, and 2-3 weeks during most of the year.

During peak season, delivery time could be 4-8 weeks, so it is best to get your order in as soon as possible.

For an accurate delivery time and to answer all your questions, please call us at (610) 857-2170.

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Financing ? Sheds Rent To Own ?

Stone Pad

Your Site Needs To Be Level So Your Doors Work Properly

Stone Pad

Click Here For Site Prep Cost

Your Site Must Be Accessible Where You Want Us To Travel On With The Delivery Truck, Your Responsible In Making Sure The Ground Where We Need To Travel On Is Firm Enough

* We do not deliver in bad weather


For 6-8 wide buildings we need 11′ of height, the 6′ Sidewall 13′. All other buildings need 14′ height. On the width we need 2′ more going straight in; more width is needed depending on how hard the turn is. The harder the turn the more width we need, and likewise the longer the shed the more width we need on turns. Please be prepared to give us as much space as possible. Shed sizes come in set sizes to best utilize the lumber. We have allowable limits to floor sizes, the 6 wide is a full 6 wide, the 8 wide is 96″, the 10 wide is a full 10′, 12 wide is 140″, 14 wide is 161″.

Site Preparation

Level off 4X4 or 4X6, treated timbers for a border around the outside and fill with 3/4 inch stone to the top of the border. Make your pad 6-12 inches more on the inside of your border than the size shed you plan to order, for better water drainage, to avoid dirt splash on shed and to simplify grass trimming. Keep your pad as low to the ground as possible, otherwise we cannot get your shed on your pad, we need at least 16 inches of clearance.

Choose Your Style Pad

Click For Block Or Monolithic Concrete Pad Pricing

Bed Rock Logo
A. Excavation of site
B. Trench 2′ x 30″ x 36″ (below frost line)
C. 2′ x 8″ depth footer (3500psi concrete pour) reinforced with #4 rebar
D. Cement wall: 8″ x 8″ x 16″ cement block and mortar built up to 6″ above grade
E. 4″ gravel base for drainage, vapor barrier to eliminate moisture, #4 rebar dialed into the cement wall for maximum strength
F. 4″ concrete slab 3500-4000psi

Click For Floating Concrete Pad Pricing

Bed Rock Logo
A. Excavation of site
B. Trench with 12″ to 18″ thickened edge
C. 4″ gravel base for drainage, vapor barrier to eliminate moisture, #4 rebar for structural integrity
D. 4″ concrete slab 3500-4000psi

Click For Concrete Pier Pricing

Bed Rock Logo
A. Excavation of site
B. Dig holes 32″ to 36″ deep, by 16″ to 24″ diameter
C. Sona tube forms are placed into hole
D. #4 rebar inserted into forms
E. 3500-4000psi concrete pour
F. Metal strapping

Our concrete foundations ensures that your building rests on level ground. Each foundation is brought to a level grade using a surveyor’s laser. Some townships require horse barns to rest on concrete pillars.

Basic Options

Extra Door – Per Item Cost
36” Single Door $175.00
4’ Double Door $195.00
5’ Double Door $225.00
6’ Double Door $250.00
Extra Window – Per Item or Pair Cost
18X27 Metal Window $50.00
24X36 Metal Window $75.00
Shutters $50
Flower Boxes $25.00
Ramps Cost
4 Wide X 3 Long $85.00
5 Wide X 3 Long $95.00
6 Wide X 3 Long $105.00
8 Wide X 4 Long $1.00
Ventilation – Per Item Cost
Gable Vent $20.00
Ridge Vent – 10’ Section $50.00
Lofts – 4 Feet Wide Cost
2X4 Framing – Lineal Foot $7.50
2X6 Framing – Lineal Foot $10.00
Flooring – Per Square Ft. Cost
Treated Floor & Joists $1.00
Shelfs- 2 Feet Wide Cost
2X4 Framing – Lineal Foot $4.50

More Options Below

Flooring – Per Square Ft. of Floor Space Cost
8” on Center Joists on Garage Floor $0.20
8” on Center Joists on Regular Floor $0.40
12” on Center Joists on Regular Floor $0.20
12” on Center Pressure Treated Joists $0.30
16” on Center Pressure Treated Joists $0.20
12” on Center Pressure Treated Joists and Floor $1.20
16” on Center Pressure Treated Joists and Floor $1.00
Extra 4X4 on Base (per lineal ft.) $1.00
Diamond Plate per ft. Door Opening Size – X – $3.00
Double Plywood $1.00
Insulated Floor – Roll Form Insulation $0.75

Partitions – Width X Height X $1.25
Porches – Standard 1= Railing Included
Size Wood Vinyl
3X4 – 3X5 375.00 440.00
3X6 400.00 490.00
3X8 440.00 545.00
4X6 475.00 585.00
4X8 500.00 675.00
Extra Railing 12.00 per ft. 18.00 per ft.
Extra Post 15.00 25.00

Doors – Additional Single Door/s Cost
Wood Dutch Door 250.00
Prehung 9 – 11 Lite Glass on Fiberglass Door 280.00
Prehung Solid Fiberglass Door 235.00
T-Hinge Solid Fiberglass Door 160.00
T-Hinge Fiberglass Door w/Glass 9 Lite or 11 Lite 185.00

** Replacing Standard Wood Doors to Fiberglass Doors
Figure Size Fiberglass Door Price – Minus Wood Door Price
Fiberglass Doors only available in 5’ or 6’ Wide Read

Doors – Additional Double Door/s Cost
T-Hinge Solid Fiberglass Door 235.00
T-Hinge Fiberglass Door w/Glass 9 Lite or 11 Lite 285.00
Prehung 9 – 11 Lite Glass Fiberglass Door 445.00
Prehung Solid Fiberglass Door 395.00
Wooden Double Doors – Per Ft. of Door Width 30.00
Wider Doors per lineal ft. of width 25.00
Dutch Doors per lineal ft. of width 15.00
Higher Doors per lineal ft. of width 40.00
Roofing – Per Square Ft. of Floor Space Cost
Tar Paper $0.20
No Shingles -3% of Wood Shed Price
Skylight – Velux Size 30X30 $300.00

Ventilation – Each Item Cost
Gable Vent $20.00
10’Ridge Vent $50.00
10X14 Arch Vent $40.00

Upgrades – Per Item Cost
Windows – Vinyl Insulated – 30X36 $200.00
Extra Window – 24×36 – Double Hung $75.00
Extra Window – 24×27 – Double Hung $65.00
Extra 18X27 – Double Hung $50.00
Exchange 18X27 for Larger Window – 24X36 $25.00
Exchange 18X27 for Larger Window – 30X36 $35.00
Exchange 18X27 for Larger Window – 30X40 – Insulated $150.00
No Window -$25.00
Flower Boxes Fiberglass $25.00
Shutters – per pair – standard on Quaker Only $25.00
Shelves – lineal ft. 24” Wide $4.50
Workbenches – lineal ft. 36” Wide $5.50
Miratec Corners $10.00

Overhangs – Per Side Cost
8 $30.00
10 $35.00
12 $40.00

Additional Garage Doors Cost
8′ x 6′ 6″ Overhead Door $350.00
8′ x 6′ 6″ Insulated Overhead Door $450.00
9′ x 7′ Overhead Door $400.00
9′ x 7′ Insulated Overhead Door $500.00

Finished Interior Cost
Insulation – R 13 – Per Sq. Ft. $0.50
OSB Sheathing – Per Sq. Ft. $0.55
½ Plywood Sheathing – Per Sq. Ft. $0.70
5/8 Plywood – Per Sq. Ft. $0.80
Lp Smartside Painted & Insulated – Per Sq. Ft. $2.15
Pine Tongue & Groove & Insulated – Per Sq. Ft. $4.00

Electrical Cost
Basic Package $295.00
Includes – Switch – Receptacle – Light

Option Pictures

Optional Ridge Vent

ridge vent
Ridge Vent $5.00 Per Foot


Optional 8X8 Vents

8x8 vents
Vents $20.00 Each


Optional Arch Vents

arch vents
Some Models Included


Optional Flower Boxes
flower boxes
Flower Boxes $25.00 Each


Optional Loft & Shelving
loft & shelving
Loft $7.50 Lineal Foot - Shelving 2' Wide $4.50 Lineal Foot


Optional Ramps 4' - 5' - 6 - 8'
4' Ramp $65.00 - 5' Ramp $75.00 - 6' Ramp $85.00


Z Shutters w/Picture Frame
z shutters
Some Models Included


3 Slotted Shutters
3 slotted shutters
Some Models Included


Louvered Shuttters
louvered shutters
Some Models Included


Raised Panel Shutters
raised panel shutters
Some Models Included
Sizes Wood Siding Vinyl Siding
8X12 $4,055.00 $4,445.00
8X14 $4,290.00 $4,715.00
8X16 $4,525.00 $4,985.00
Sizes Wood Siding Vinyl Siding
10X12 $4,440.00 $4,870.00
10X14 $4,625.00 $5,065.00
10X16 $4,810.00 $5,260.00
10X18 $4,995.00 $5,455.00
10X20 $5,180.00 $5,650.00
Sizes Wood Siding Vinyl Siding
12X12 $4,650.00 $5,085.00
12X14 $4,905.00 $5,385.00
12X16 $5,160.00 $5,685.00
12X18 $5,415.00 $5,920.00
12X20 $5,670.00 $6,285.00
12X22 $5,925.00 $6,585.00
12X24 $6,180.00 $6,885.00
12X26 $6,435.00 $7,185.00
12X28 $6,690.00 $7,485.00
12X30 $6,945.00 $7,785.00
12X32 $7,200.00 $8,085.00
12X34 $7,455.00 $8,410.00
12X36 $7,710.00 $8,685.00
12X38 $7,965.00 $8,985.00
12X40 $8,220.00 $9,285.00

Pricing Includes 2X8 Trex Deck w/Columns

View Pool Shed Models | Anastasia Model | Haley Model | Geoffrey Model | Gabriella Model | Madison Model | Silvia Model | Logan Model | Madeline Model
Click To View Disclaimer | Wood Siding Info | Vinyl Siding Info
Calculate Your Delivery Cost


How to Calculate Your Costs ?

Figure Your Base Cost – Add Your Options & Stone Pad If You Want Us To Do The Pad For You - Add Sales Tax Of 6% In PA – All Other States No Sales Tax - Plus Any Applicable Delivery Charges – This Is Your Total

City Of Philadelphia Requires Police Escort 10' Wide Add $175.00 - 12'-14' Wide Add $250.00

Extra Cost On 14' Wide As This Size Requires A Pilot Car In Front

Sometimes We Can Get You Better Delivery Costs. Please Call Us At 610-857-2170

Finance Your Storage Building

Select Your Financing Below


With GreenSky’s revolutionary technology platform, you get credit decisions anytime, any place, by phone, website or mobile app in seconds. And you get paid faster.

Facts & Answers On Greensky?

Why should I finance my project when I can pay cash or use a credit card? Answer: Financing a project with a GreenSky® loan allows you to conserve both your money and your equity, and typically offers a lower interest rate than a credit card. GreenSky has many promotional offerings with deferred interest benefits, but without your having to pay out of pocket all at once.

What type of credit is available? Answer: GreenSky loans are unsecured loans with fixed interest rates. Unlike a revolving credit card, your non-promotional monthly payment amount is always the same.

Where can I use my loan? Answer: Use your GreenSky Account Number to pay for services and products offered by the contractor with whom you apply.

How do I make a payment? Answer: It’s simple – pay online or by phone, or schedule automatic payments to be drafted from your bank account. The choice is yours. And there is never a penalty for paying off your loan early. Apply today at or call 866-936-0602.

How do I pay my contractor? Answer: Once approved, you will be provided a loan agreement and issued a 16-digit account number and expiration date. When you want to pay, just provide these numbers to your contractor to process the purchase as if it were a credit card

How long do I have to use my loan? Answer: Once approved, you have four months to make your purchases.

When is my first payment due? Answer: Depends on your plan. Many deferred interest plans don’t require a payment during the promotional period. The first payment on a budget-minded plan is typically due approximately 30 days after the first purchase.

When does the Deferred Interest plan promotion window begin? Answer: At the time of your first transaction.

View Video Of Built On Site

Sizes Prefab - If Needed
8X12 Add $525.00
8X14 Add $575.00
8X16 Add $625.00
Sizes Prefab Cost Only If Needed
10X12 Add $640.00
10X14 Add $700.00
10X16 Add $760.00
10X18 Add $820.00
10X20 Add $880.00
Sizes Prefab Cost Only If Needed
12X12 Add $700.00
12X14 Add $775.00
12X16 Add $850.00
12X18 Add $925.00
12X20 Add $1,000.00
12X22 Add $1,075.00
12X24 Add $1,150.00
12X26 Add $1,225.00
12X28 Add $1,300.00
12X30 Add $1,375.00
12X32 Add $1,450.00
12X34 Add $1,525.00
12X36 Add $1,600.00
12X38 Add $1,675.00
12X40 Add $1,750.00


pearl paint color



beige paint



tan paint


Dk Gray

dark gray paint


Light Gray

lt gray-paint



red paint



white paint



clay paint


Light Green

light green paint


Dk. Brown

dark brown paint



black paint



buckskin paint


Dk. Green

dark green paint



blue paint


redwood stain



mohogany stain



cedar stain


Natures Walk

natures walk stain


Honey Gold

honey gold stain



driftwood stain


Chestnut Brown

chestnut brown stain


sandstone vinyl



clay vinyl


Prairie Wheat

prairie wheat vinyl


Slate Blue

slate blue vinyl


Classic Linen

classic vinyl


Heritage Gray

heritage vinyl



white vinyl



tan vinyl



almond vinyl


Antique Ivory

antique ivory vinyl



slate vinyl



khaki vinyl



sage green vinyl


ivory metal trim



clay metal trim


Prairie Wheat

praire wheat metal trim


Barn Red

red metal trim


Lt. Gray

heritage grey metal trim



black metal trim


Dk. Brown

dark brown metal trim


Grecian Green

grecian green metal trim



sandstone metal trim



ocean metal trim



white metal trim


Dk. Gray

charocoal metal trim


burguny metal roof



beige metal roof



tan metal roof



gold metal roof


Lt. Gray

light gray metal roof



red metal roof



white metal roof



clay metal roof



avocado metal roof



brown metal roof



black metal roof



green metal roof


Pewter Gray

pewter gray metal roof



blue metal roof



bronz metal roof


Dk. Gray

dark gray metal roof


weatherwood shingle



black shingle


Lt. Brown

light brown shingle


Dk. Brown

dark brown shingle


Lt. Gray

light gray shingle


Dk. Gray

dark gray shingle



blue shingle



green shingle





DD right front, window front and right


DD right front, window front and left


DD left front, window front and left


DD left front, window front and right


DD left front, window front (omit side window)


DD right front, window front (omit side window)


Standard (Doors & Windows on Front)


Door Left, Windows Front


Door Right, Windows Front


Door Side, Window Front and Back


Additional Window Right – Optional Cost


Additional Window Left – Optional Cost


Additional Window Left and Right – Optional Cost


Add Single Door – Optional Cost DD Right


Add Single Door – Optional Cost DD Left


Add Two Windows in Back Wall – Optional Cost


Add Four Windows in Back and Side Wall – Optional Cost


Extra Window – Optional Cost
4X4 Pressure Treated Skids Underneath View Diagram
5/8" ProStruct Flooring w/SmartFinish In Floor Storage Area
Two 24X36 Windows w/Shutters
Walls 2X4 Studs 16" On Center - On 6-8 Wide: Sidewall Height 74" - On 10-12-14 Wide: Sidewall Height 80"
Roof: 2X4 Rafters 16" On Center & 1/2" Sheathing w/30 Year Architectural Shingles
6/12 Pitch Roof
Dormer w/2' Porch Overhang
Composite Floor on Deck
2=8" Tapered Hollow Columns
Octagon Window In Dormer
Miratec For All Trim & Corners
You Choose Building Exterior Finish
Prehung Front Door with 12 in. Side Lites
Size Range: 8X12 - 12X40

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